About The Studio

Ethereal Aesthetics Piercing Boutique is my brand new, piercing only studio that opened in July 2022 and has been my dream since I started piercing pretty much.
It’s been built with safety and hygiene in mind, but with my own touches that make it comfortable and a space that reflects my personality.

I’ve always worked in retail establishments or tattoo studios, where piercing was always treated as the afterthought, not taken seriously, or just used to make up the rent.

I’m always asked “are you just a piercer?” or “do you do tattoos , as well?”, like piercing isn’t an industry or career in it’s own right, but it’s something I’ve invested a lot of my time, energy and money into pursuing and I have goals/ambition just like everyone else!

I also struggle with social anxiety, so a tattoo studio setting was always hard for me to deal with and it turns out, it was for a lot of my clients too.
After the success of Sunday Club at Two Rivers, it felt like the perfect time to move somewhere more central and to offer that relaxed, Sunday Club feeling all the time!

The studio is the result of around five weeks of super hard graft by myself, my amazingly supportive Dad and crazy talented, carpenter brother and is based in a newly converted Maker Cabin at Meanwhile Creative, right in the heart of Cardiff.

How the cabin looked before we started the refurbishment!

Everything from the floors to the beams have been refurbished, with a partition being added to create a reception area, complete with a refreshments section and comfy armchairs for your consultations!

Vents and fans have been added for ventilation, plus an air conditioning unit for comfort and HEPA filter for added peace of mind.

All furniture is brand new, including an adjustable memory foam piercing table, and I also have a wee step to make hopping up a little easier.

The studio is deep cleaned once a week, plus each morning/evening/between each client and cleaning sheets are available upon request.

The studio is completely disposable, meaning that pretty much everything comes pre-sterilised/wrapped and that no contaminated tools or jewellery are ever reprocessed on the premises. (Except for when it’s required for a jewellery return, but this is done using a recommended technique.)
Worn jewellery is never reprocessed for use in fresh piercings and all needles/tools are disposed of immediately after use.

New jewellery is processed using a multi-stage technique involving hand-polishing, steaming and anodising, before being sterilised in my brand new Class B autoclave.
The autoclave is vacuum and helix tested daily, as well as being serviced annually and all records are kept on site.

Jewellery is either processed in sterilising pouches then stored for up to a month before being re-processed, or processed un-pouched and used right away.
If you’ve picked jewellery from the cabinet and it’s been processed and sterilised at your appointment, I will show you the indicator that was in with the load before proceeding with your piercing.
Strict sterilising records are kept at the studio and available to view by anyone.

The studio is totally private and works on an appointment only basis, even just to view jewellery. This is to ensure each and every client gets my undivided attention, gets a completely personalised service and nothing has to be rushed.

Piercings are often brushed off as “not a big deal” which I think is wrong – piercings are a big deal!
They’re a right of passage for some, self expression for others, but it’s never “just a piercing” and I’m not “just a piercer”! Piercing is my creative outlet and I also feel super passionately about safe, hygienic piercing, which is why I’ll never do anything else!

People get pierced for all sorts of reasons, but each and every piercing is of equal importance to me, regardless of placement or jewellery!

For information on how to schedule an appointment, see Booking In or e-mail etherealaesthetics@outlook.com with any questions!

A quick video tour of EAPB!

See Location and Accessibility for details on how to find the studio!