Atrophic Scarring

Atrophic Scarring is the fancy name for the small divot left behind when a piece of piercing jewellery is removed. The longer you wear a piercing, the more likely you are to develop an atrophic scar if you remove the jewellery in the future.

Atrophic scars are the result of collagen failing to fully fill in the gap where your piercing was, leaving you with a little dent marking the spot where you once had your piercing.

The best way to treat Atrophic Scarring is to apply a silicone scar therapy oil such as those available from Dermatix or Palmer’s, once the area has fully healed (Roughly 3-6 months after jewellery removal.)

Massage into your scar twice daily, applying slight pressure and being sure to massage the whole area thoroughly to encourage the scar tissue to break down.