Booking In

To make a booking, please read the following information carefully and follow the link at the bottom of the page to go to my Setmore.

Please read the service description thoroughly and ensure you are familiar with my prices, age restrictions and policies before booking your appointment. 
Prices displayed via Setmore are booking fees only & are non refundable

Booking fees reserve your time in the studio, go towards materials used & are taken off piercing/jewellery fitting totals. These are not refunded in the event a piercing appointment doesn't take place as cleaning supplies, gloves, PPE etc. will be used before, during and after your visit to the studio. 

For multiple piercings in the same appointment, please book one service & put the name of the second/third service in the notes so I can block out a little more time manually, instead of allocating multiple separate appointments. 

I recommend to be healing no more than four piercings at one time depending on placement and your experience with healing - for more than three in one sitting I would prefer if a consultation was booked first so we can discuss your desired placements, piercing experience, healing expectations and aftercare etc. 

Please don't book for more than four piercings in the same sitting!

Each client must be booked for their own appointment slot and you must attend your appointment alone, unless under 16 or you require a carer for medical reasons. 

Please do not book multiple people for the same slot, or separate appointments for different clients under one name and be sure to use a current email address which you check regularly as this is my main point of contact. 

Piercings such as Navel, Industrial, Daith, Tragus, Forward Helix and surface piercings are heavily anatomy dependent. I would prefer that a separate consultation were booked for the above piercings so that I can perform an in depth anatomy check and to also run through the points mentioned above as some of these can be particularly tricky to heal, even on the most seasoned piercee. 

If you would rather not book an initial consultation and go ahead with booking your piercing, it's advisable to have a back up piercing in mind in case your anatomy isn't suited to your original idea - though I am always happy to suggest an alternative placement based off your anatomy! 

In cases where a client's anatomy isn't suited to their original placement idea, I offer a seven day window in which to re-book for an alternative piercing using your booking fee. 

Read the reminder email sent 24 hours beforehand - this contains the Covid-19 questionnaire that needs to be filled in and returned before your visit. These need to be completed for each individual attending an appointment, along with a contact tracing form which can be found here and also by navigating back to the main menu from the Covid questionnaire.

At piercing appointments you will be given the option to either take the booking fee off your total, or use 50% (£5) to book your check up appointment. If you choose not to do this, a check up can be booked separately at a later date but I cannot be held responsible for any issues you encounter if you choose not to attend one.
Booking fees for Consultations/Jewellery Fittings and Troubleshooting sessions are also taken off your total on the day. 

I'm still not offering any piercing or jewellery fitting services for any area covered by a mask (nostril, lip, septum, cheeks etc.)
This is unlikely to change until myself and the other artists at the shop are fully vaccinated against COVID and we no longer have to wear masks as part of our daily lives, as these interfere with healing terribly.

I allow up to 24 hours for cancellations/booking fees to be moved to a different appointment - any client who cancels with less than 24 hours notice or doesn't turn up to their appointment will lose their deposit and will have to pay another booking fee to re-book. 

You can re-book an appointment by following the link in the automated confirmation email you will have received when you booked your appointment. This can only be done up to 24 hours beforehand - after this the appointment must be cancelled, a new appointment booked and another booking fee paid. 

For earlobe piercing appointments for clients aged 6-12 and helix, conch and flat appointments for clients aged 14 and 15: consultation appointments are mandatory - piercing appointments will be arranged pending the outcome of these consultations. This is non negotiable. 

Please see Piercing For Minors for more information.

Sunday Club is by appointment only and late night appointments are also available - get in touch via email for availability. 

Please remember that piercing prices include everything that's needed, including your jewellery and I will not pierce with, or install jewellery not sourced by myself to ensure the integrity and quality of materials. 
Despite recent changes to Government guidelines and restrictions, clients are still required to come to their appointment alone unless they require a carer or parent/guardian, though I'm happy to book family/friends back to back appointments where availability allows.

You are also still required to wear a mask for the entirety of your visit to the studio due to the close contact and high risk nature of piercing - this includes any child scheduled for a consultation/piercing appointment. 

The points below detail how you can prepare for Piercing Day, plus the FAQ and Useful Reads sections also have some great information! 
Please also familiarise yourself with my studio Covid Protocols before calling in. 

  • Avoid consuming alcohol for 24 hours before your procedure as this is an anticoagulant (thins your blood and prevents it from clotting.)
  • Get an early night so you’re feeling well rested and eat a good breakfast to bump your blood sugars up nice and high - avoid caffeine as this is also an anticoagulant! 
  • Clients are required to eat a minimum of two hours before a piercing procedure – this is for both your and my safety.
  • Clients who haven’t eaten will be asked to leave to get something, which may result in your appointment having to be rescheduled. 
  • It’s advised to wash long hair a day or two before, to minimise introducing excess moisture and cosmetic residues (soap/shampoo etc.) to what is technically an open wound, and to minimise the risk of snagging whilst your piercing is fresh.
  • Washing/exfoliating the area beforehand is also greatly appreciated!
  • Ensure long hair is tied/pinned up out of the way if your procedure involves your ears!
  • Please do not arrive early to your appointment!
  • A ten minute window is allowed for lateness and clients who no show will be required to pay the booking fee again to re-book.
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged and has a working QR scanner - this is to fill in my procedure forms and contact tracing. 
  • If you need to re-schedule 24 hours or less before your appointment you will be required to pay another booking fee. 
  • Ensure you have allocated enough time for your procedure – 30 minutes minimum for a single installation, 45 minutes for a single piercing procedure and a minimum of one hour for multiple procedures.
  • If you are accompanying a minor to an appointment please DO NOT bring anyone else! This includes siblings or friends. In these instances you will be asked to leave and rebook for a later date. This is to comply with social distancing regulations as stated in my Covid Protocols.
  • This also to applies to any clients aged 16+ consenting for their own piercing - parents/friends will not be permitted in the studio.
  • You can pay by exact cash, PayPal or card payment.
  • Ensure any bedding and appliances such as phones/headphones/glasses are kept clean.
  • If you wear reusable masks, switch to disposable ones for your piercing's healing period to minimise on bacterial cross contamination. 
  • Stock up on sterile gauze packets and invest in a travel pillow if you're getting an ear piercing - it makes sleeping a lot easier & will help prevent your piercing migrating!
  • I will have sterile saline solution available to buy at the studio and will provide written and verbal aftercare instructions.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you, hearing your ideas and helping your piercing vision become a reality!
    You can either email me at to book in, or follow the link below! See you soon, Rae x

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