Can I Get Pierced Whilst I'm Pregnant?

I will not pierce any client who is pregnant, no matter how nicely you ask.
While a person is pregnant, it is advisable to refrain from any and all body art procedures – this includes stretching, piercing and being tattooed.
The body is focusing everything toward growing and nurturing the fetus, which is complex and extremely demanding – adding the strain of healing a new piercing/stretch/tattoo into this may result in complications and issues for either the new body art or for the pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy

It is advisable to wait at least three months following delivery in order for the body to normalise and to regain physiological/hormonal equilibrium before being pierced.
It is recommend waiting a longer period in regard to nipple piercings and to wait a minimum of three months after the cessation of breast milk production.

Piercing & Nursing 

Apart from waiting three months (or three months after cessation of breast milk for nipple piercings) it is not contraindicated to receive piercings during nursing as the body is not under the same types of demands as it is during pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Navel Piercings

It is recommended to remove a navel piercing during pregnancy to avoid the piercing stretching and becoming uncomfortable.
Ethereal Aesthetics does not recommend wearing any form of inert, plastic jewellery such as bioflex.  

Long after the piercing has been performed it may/may not stay open without the wear of a piece of jewellery – this differs from person to person.

There is a chance jewellery can be re-inserted using an insertion taper if the old jewellery won’t go back in unaided.
If the jewellery is unable to be re-inserted, it is highly likely that it can be re-pierced depending on the nature of the scarring left by the previous piercing.

Some women who lacked sufficient tissue quantity or pliability for navel piercings post pregnancy are usually well suited after.
There is no special care required in regards to aftercare during pregnancy.