For all enquiries/bookings/bespoke jewellery orders, please e-mail:

In your e-mail include:

  • Your full name & age.
  • The service being requested (e.g piercing/jewellery installation/consultation etc.)
  • Desired date for booking & rough time.

Or head to the Booking In page! (Booking link will go live when we are given a date to reopen, clients that were booked in over the closed period have been rescheduled & clients on the waiting list have been booked in.)

I can help you create one of a kind jewellery, made especially for you! 
I will guide you through the entire process, helping you to design your own unique piece using only the best brands in the industry. 
You choose everything from the shape/design to the material (implant grade tianium/gold etc.) and the gemstones used!
Email any bespoke requests with the following information:

  • Type of jewellery - threaded/threadless end/ring/bar
  • Where it will be worn
  • Fresh or healed piercing 
  • Preferred material
  • Preferred gemstones
  • A rough description & any extra information you think will help. 

How It Works 

  • Every client has a quick, pre-procedure consultation in which you can discuss your ideas and aesthetic vision.
  • There will be questions regarding your lifestyle and general health, including any pre-existing medical conditions, to make sure the desired piercing will be suited to you and I'll also perform an anatomy check to make sure the piercing is viable, so it can heal successfully.
  • This is also an opportunity to discuss jewellery options and healing expectations, where the most appropriate options based on your anatomy, placement and lifestyle will be suggested.
  • The advice given will be as honest and clear as possible in regards to your ideas and suggestions made will be those that will have the highest success rate based on your consultation.
    I strive to make every piercing procedure and healing process to be the safest and most comfortable possible, for every single client.
  • There is a widely held belief that piercings have been undervalued by society though the use of piercing guns and the over saturation of availability, through high street chains/corporations; leading people to think “it’s just a piercing.”
  • A piercing procedure implants a piece of metal inside your body and if not cared for appropriately can become infected, migrate or reject entirely.
  • I hold extremely high standards when it comes to cleaning, protocol and procedure/aftercare – while not a trained medical professional, a piercing procedure can be loosely compared to minor surgery, so I believe that impeccable standards of cleanliness and a thorough knowledge of cleaning/disinfecting, sterilisation and aseptic technique is crucial, as well as a broad knowledge of anatomy.
  • While not in the studio, I dedicate a lot of time to research, aiming to stay as up to date as possible, as well as running my piercing business unaided since 2018.
  • The piercing room is diligently cleaned each morning, evening and deep cleaned twice weekly – cleaning sheets and license available to view by clients, along with mill sheets for jewellery.
  • All jewellery is meticulously inspected before being soaked and rinsed, electro-polished/anodised, steamed, hand polished to a mirror shine, then sterilised.
  • Made from highest quality implant grade compliant titanium, Niobium or 18/14k gold internally thread or push fit.
  • Jewellery has flat backs for comfort as standard and can be switched for smaller/larger disks, domes or balls depending on placement.
  • Do not stock or recommend butterfly backs for initial piercing as these harbour bodily fluids and bacteria, are difficult to clean, are a universal size and are usually made from sub par materials.
  • During your consultation I will measure your intended piercing area so your jewellery will be suited to your anatomy, while allowing for the appropriate room for expected swelling and also for adequate draining during the healing process.
  • I am fully aware of how overwhelming and intimidating the thought of a new piercing can be; I prefer to allow a minimum of half an hour/45 minutes for a single piercing procedure (multiple piercings 1 hour plus) to ensure every client is as informed, prepared and comfortable as possible. Please see Sunday Club if you're extra nervous!
  • Clients are required to eat a minimum of two hours before their procedure to ensure blood sugars are nice and high, plus are welcome to bring a bottled fizzy drink along to their appointment too.
  • Each aspect of the set up, cleaning and marking, piercing and aftercare is discussed in detail prior to the procedure and before any paper work is completed, to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and so you know what to expect.
  • Each client is booked a check up to ensure your piercing is healing well, tweak aftercare if needed and to discuss future jewellery options and your Aesthetics goals.
  • This appointment is also an opportunity for me to assess your piercing’s swelling and to appropriately downsize your jewellery, to ensure it heals as quickly and complication free as possible.
  • I care deeply for the well being of my clients and want nothing more than for your piercing to heal successfully so you can feel Ethereal about your Aesthetic for years to come!
  • Regular communication and update photos are always welcome!

Piercing Day

It’s the day of your piercing appointment! It’s exciting and nerve wracking all rolled into one!
Below are a few hints and tips on how to prepare for piercing day and looking after your new addition;

  • Get an early night so you’re feeling well rested on the day of the procedure.
  • It’s advised to wash long hair a day or two before, to minimise introducing cosmetic residues (soap/shampoo etc.) to what is technically an open wound, and to minimise the risk of snagging whilst your piercing is fresh.
  • Washing/exfoliating the area beforehand is also greatly appreciated!
  • Avoid consuming alcohol for 24 hours before your procedure as this is an anticoagulant (thins your blood and prevents it from clotting.)
  • Eat a good breakfast to bump your blood sugars up nice and high and drink lots of water – avoid caffeine as this thins your blood, just like alcohol.
  • Clients are required to eat a minimum of two hours before a piercing procedure – this is for both your’s and my safety. Clients who haven’t eaten will be asked to leave to get something, which may result in your appointment having to be rescheduled. 
  • Ensure long hair is tied/pinned up out of the way if your procedure involves your ears!
  • Please do not arrive early to your appointment! A ten minute window is allowed for lateness and clients who no show will be required to pay a £10 deposit to re-book.
  • Ensure you have allocated enough time for your procedure – 15 minutes minimum for a single installation, 45 minutes for a single piercing procedure and a minimum of one hour for multiple procedures.
  • You can pay by exact cash, PayPal or card payment.
  • Ensure any bedding and appliances such as phones/headphones/glasses are kept clean.
  • Stock up on sterile gauze packets and invest in a travel pillow if you're getting an ear piercing - it makes sleeping a lot easier!
  • I will have sterile saline solution available to buy at the studio and will provide written and verbal aftercare instructions.

Looking forward to seeing you!