COVID 19 Protocols

Before calling in to Two Rivers, please familiarise yourself with the new protocols that have been introduced with your safety in mind;

- I will be working on an appointment only basis until further notice, as are the rest of the artists at the studio - the door works on a buzzer system & the waiting area will not be in use. If you turn up without an appointment you'll be politely asked to leave & make a booking. Please note: this does not apply to piercing emergencies, which I will do my best to accommodate. To make a booking please email

- A £10 non refundable booking fee will be taken for all piercing procedures & a £5 non refundable booking fee for all jewellery fittings and consultations - this will reserve your time in the piercing room, will come off your total on the day for piercing appointments & you can pay via PayPal or card payment.
As you're probably aware the cost of PPE & medical supplies has increased due to demand, meaning it's cost a fair bit more to get stocked back up; plus the costs of the extra safety measures that have been introduced - these fees ensure that Rae is not left out of pocket if you can't make your appointment for any reason, as that time may not be able to be allocated to someone else.
If you do need to reschedule your appointment, please let her know as soon as possible - if you give less than 24 hours notice, or don't show up to your appointment without letting her know, you'll have to pay another booking fee to re-book.
- Please come to your appointment alone to limit the amount of people in the studio at one time, unless you require a carer or are accompanying a minor. Also bring as few belongings as possible please!
- Please arrive ON TIME - not early, not late! If you are late it is not guaranteed that I'll have time to see you before the next appointment & you may need to re-book. Arriving on time means there is adequate time for the proper cleaning between clients.  
- Face masks will be required throughout your entire visit at the shop, please wear one to your appointment (& on public transport if you're using it to travel to the studio!) - these can also be provided as part of your service fee.
- This means that I will be unable to provide any piercing/downsize/jewellery fitting services that would require you to remove your mask for the forseeable future - we are still in the midst of a pandemic after all. This includes nostril, septum, lip and cheek piercings - get in touch & I'll pop you on a waiting list for when these services resume. Eyebrow, bridge & forehead piercings are fine!
- Hand sanitiser is available outside the studio & piercing room. You'll be asked to sanitise your hands immediately upon arrival, before entering & also after your procedure.
- I will be wearing my usual single use PPE (masks, exam gloves, sterile gloves, face masks, apron) plus an extra face shield which will be cleaned & disinfected between clients.
- Safety & hygiene has always & will always be paramount - I will be performing the usual morning, evening & deep cleans with medical grade cleaner/disinfectants with extra attention being paid to high risk areas such as the couch, trolley, door handles, light switches etc between every client.
- As always ALL tools, needles, PPE etc. are sterile, single use & disposed of correctly.
- Piercing prices have altered slightly to absorb price increases with suppliers & increased usage of PPE - thank you in advance for understanding! Clients that were booked in over the closed period will be charged by the old pricing structure. 
- Please don't come to your appointment if you're feeling unwell, suffering from any of the symptoms of Coronavirus or have been in contact with someone who is!
Booking Fees:
£5 per consultation/jewellery fitting, £10 per piercing booking - these are required for every booking.
These are non refundable & reserve your time in the studio. Piercing booking fees can be taken off your total or a portion (£5) can be used to book your check up/downsize size appointment and consultation booking fees are also taken off your total. Please see Prices for more information.
As I have to work on an appointment only basis, time is very valuable at the moment - if you are unable to make it to your appointment for any reason, this ensures I doesn't go out of pocket.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to seeing you soon!