Do I need to do anything once my piercings have healed/been downsized?

Just because your piercing(s) are downsized or healed, it doesn't mean your job is over! 

Piercings are only part way through their healing process at their downsize and there is every chance they could require further upsize or downsizes before fully healed. They could be sore, swollen, pussy/crusty anywhere over this process and I'll have advised a rough healing time prior to booking you in, but bear in mind these are only rough estimates based off experience with past clients and this can differ from person to person.

I recommend to rinse your piercing with sterile saline solution such as Neilmed, or in the shower at least once daily whilst the piercing is fresh, but up to twice a day if required and to dry thoroughly afterwards with a hairdryer on the coolest setting.

You can decrease the number of cleans per day once further into the healing process, but I would always recommend a rinse and dry with fresh water/sterile saline any time the piercing could have come into contact with irritants such as soaps or shampoos. You should also avoid submerging your piercing in any body of water (swimming pool, bath tub, the sea etc) until fully healed.

It is also important to continue to care for your piercings once they're fully healed too - this applies to all piercings, including those in your first lobes and areas like the navel and nipples, as residue build up over time can cause irritation.

All piercings collect a build up over time - this is a mixture of shed skin cells, oils, sweat, cosmetic residues and in some cases make up. This build up is not ideal for maintaining a healthy piercing and looks unsightly too!

Sometimes rinsing in the shower isn't enough to help shift stubborn build up, so a fragrance free soap can be gently massaged into the jewellery and piercing and then rinsed off with fresh water. 

I also recommend the use of soft bristled baby toothbrushes to help gently remove this build up, especially from pronged settings and they're also great for exfoliating areas around your jewellery too! Polishing cloths are also great at keeping gold and titanium buffer and mirror polished, but be sure to rinse your jewellery and to rinse your piercing with saline and dry the area if you've removed the jewellery for a healed piercing! (Avoid removing the jewellery in a healing piercing at all!)

I have a Luxury Aftercare and Jewellery Care Pack available to purchase at the studio, or these can be posted out for postage costs and you'll also be offered the chance to upgrade at your appointment! Neilmed, Polishing Cloths and brushes are also available to purchase separately.

This is also why it's important to stick to verified implant grade materials or solid 14/18k gold jewellery - these have been tested and proven safe for long term wear in piercings and won't begin to break down. Uneven surface finish, plating flaking off and non verified materials such as sterling silver and surgical steel can cause irritation, allergic reactions and in some cases infection. This results in jewellery tarnishing/rusting which can stain your skin in some cases and looks awful!
Mirror polish finish jewellery is less likely to collect a large volume of build up and is generally easier to maintain, whereas jewellery with a rough surface finish is much more likely to cause irritation over time and therefore cause more reason for buildup. The rough surface finish also gives the build up more nooks and crannies to hide in.
(Not supplied by Ethereal Aesthetics.)
Generally speaking, the stones in lower quality jewellery will not be genuine meaning a chance of discolouration, water damage or lost stones, meaning you have to purchase a whole new piece.
For more information on jewellery quality go here.
I'm always happy to help source custom pieces if you've got something specific in mind - get in touch for more information on custom orders, or head to my booking in page for a link to my Setmore and book for a jewellery consultation! 
All premium manufacturers stocked at Ethereal Aesthetics offer a lifetime guarantee against defects, covering lost stones and defective pins/threads, giving you that extra peace of mind and comfort knowing your jewellery was built to be worn every day!
(Please note this does not cover accidental loss of a piece after the first 7 days or accidental damage.) 
You've invested in fabulous quality jewellery, so invest a little of your time to keep it looking fabulous!