Isn't Saline Solution Just Salt Water?

Q: Isn't Saline Solution just salt water? 
A: Rae often gets many clients who ask this question and the short answer is no – home made salt mixes and sterile saline wound wash solution are not the same.

Although she used to suggest this method of piercing aftercare herself, after extensive research her recommended aftercare routine has changed and no longer includes the use of DIY saline.

Mixing your own saline solution at home was widely recommended through the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s by piercers everywhere. It was cost effective and a seemingly straightforward way to care for fresh piercings.
Studios used to (and still do) give out small bags of salt to clients to take home, but I highly recommend avoiding the use of any table or rock/sea salt to clean your new piercing.

A few years ago sterile wound wash saline wasn’t very accessible to the common public & to piercers, so we had no choice but to make our own.
However this has now changed as saline has become easier to produce and manufacture, so it is now widely available and affordable.
It can be found at most pharmacies and even on sites such as Amazon so there is no reason to attempt to make the solution at home, which could potentially harm or irritate your new delicate new piercing – it is much safer and easier just to buy sterile saline wound wash!