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All jewellery stocked at Ethereal Aesthetics meets industry and APP/UKAPP standards.

Made from the only the highest quality ASTM-F136/1295 implant grade titanium, niobium or solid 14/18k gold, with quality, durability and your safety in mind. Every single piece is suitable for both fresh piercing and healed insertions (placement and piece depending, of course!)

These pieces feature genuine Swarovski, lab grown fauxpals, natural stone and semi-precious/precious gemstones, meaning there is something to suit absolutely everyone's tastes and budgets! 

All premium branded pieces come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's defects and are sourced from only the best suppliers in the industry.

See below for examples of the brands/pieces in stock and available to order.

Basic Titanium Attachments 

When you get pierced with me, basic titanium starter jewellery is included in your price! All stems, posts and rings are ASTM-F136 or ASTM F-1295 implant grade titanium and supplied by Industrial Strength/Junipurr and other UKAPP approved suppliers. Jewellery comes with a plain ball attachment and are polished (silvery in colour) as standard.

Your jewellery will either be threadless (push fit) or internally threaded, depending on your piercing’s placement and the style of jewellery needed/the attachment size.

My basic range includes varying sized ball and disk attachments, all of which are able to be anodised a range of different colours for free!

Basic titanium upgrades are available from Anatometal, starting from as little as £10 extra to your total. These include varying sizes of stars, moons & lighting bolts! 

I also have a selection of upgrade options in both titanium and solid 14/18k gold for the majority of piercings, but please get in touch if you have a specific piece in mind! 

The majority of these upgrades are threadless, with larger pieces in internal thread for security. 

Prices start from just £20 for Swarovski & fauxpal attachments. Gold pieces can range from as little as £65 to thousands of pounds, depending on the stones used and the dimensions of the piece so it is useful to have a realistic budget in mind when shopping for premium pieces!

Stock is regularly switched out to offer a varied choice of options, so the best way to view current stock is to make a booking as I don't always have the time to photograph each individual item!

My main manufacturer’s websites/Instagram pages are linked from their names, so you can browse their full ranges - see below for information about submitting custom order requests/price enquiries.



Buddha Jewelry Organics 


Body Gems 


Industrial Strength 

Junipurr Jewelry

Jewelry This Way 



People's Jewelry 

Bespoke Jewellery & Curation Services

I can help you create one of a kind jewellery, made especially for you and then help you place it to suit your anatomy, or work it into a larger curation.

I will guide you through the entire process, helping you to design/pick your own piece(s) using only the best brands in the industry!

Email any bespoke requests/curation ideas with the following information to

  • Type of jewellery - threaded/threadless end/ring/barbell etc or a curation idea
  • Where it will be worn/area to be pierced
  • Fresh or healed piercing(s)
  • Preferred material - titanium, niobium or 14/18k white/rose/yellow gold
  • Preferred gemstones
  • A rough description & any extra information you think will help, including screenshots.
Alternatively, you can book a Styling/Curation Session or Piercing/Jewellery Consultation via Setmore! Please see Booking In for more information on making a booking. 
It's worth noting that quality jewellery can take a while to make and a lot of companies are still suffering a backlash from the pandemic, which has extended wait times substantially. 
If your order is time sensitive i.e a gift for someone, for your wedding etc, please let me know so I can recommend the companies with the current shortest turnaround time. 
Please note: some of these suppliers have retail websites, but any jewellery for piercings/fittings needs to be purchased through me due to insurance restrictions. 
All piercing/jewellery images by myself unless stated.
Image 3 Apex by Stephen Clarke