Meet Your Piercer

Since 2014 Rae has dedicated her life to studying and perfecting her craft; expanding her knowledge of industry standards, anatomy, sterilisation, infection control, blood-borne pathogens, amongst much more.
Piercing is the only thing Rae has ever been truly passionate about.
Her interest was sparked back when she was thirteen years old and had her nostril pierced in a dodgy backstreet “studio” in Cardiff. So began her adventure into the world of body piercing and modification.
Shortly after the nostril debacle (which unsurprisingly had to be removed) she began collecting and experimenting with new piercings, including stretching her earlobes (which were 34mm at their largest!)
She immersed herself in the history and culture surrounding piercings, researching every single relevant and related topic that she could think of.

Surprisingly though despite receiving countless piercings over the years, Rae isn’t actually that keen on being on the receiving end of the needle (piercing or tattoo!)
While she is able to pierce other people all day long, when it comes to receiving one – most of her clients would put Rae to shame!
Whilst being maybe a little embarrassing to admit, Rae has been able to adopt this into her techniques, bedside manner and the way she interacts with clients to ensure they are always as comfortable as possible.
Piercing is always on her mind in some way or another – thinking of ways to improve, jewellery, cleaning, jewellery, wondering how clients are getting on with their healing piercings.. jewellery..
Being able to help someone to express themselves through piercing and jewellery is such a wonderful, rewarding feeling and Rae feels genuinely grateful to have met so many incredible and diverse individuals throughout her career, let alone be trusted with piercing them!
Of course she still has a lot to learn, with techniques and laws constantly changing; but she is dedicated to her responsibility as a piercer; to keep herself and her clients safe and informed at all times.
Rae began her career working for a well known high street body piercing chain in 2014, in which she quickly became known for her skill and friendly nature.
She left the company in 2017 after advancing to Senior Piercer and Piercer Trainer, piercing for a short time from Southmead Tattoo Studio, before moving back home to Cardiff.
She began her residency at Physical Graffiti Custom Tattoo Studio in the summer of 2018 after deciding she needed to be piercing full time, but to also be in complete control of her suppliers and cleaning regimen – to ensure the safest, most hygienic piercing experience possible.
In October 2020 Rae joined the team at Two Rivers in The Vale of Glamorgan, bringing the first ever professional piercing experience to Penarth. 
She continues to work above council requirements and recommendations, so you can be safe in the knowledge you and your piercing are in safe hands.

Rae and her cat/child Misa ❤

(Formerly known as Mermaid Rae Professional Body Piercing & Aftercare.)