• Valid, government issued photo ID is required prior to each procedure.
  • Under 18s are not permitted in the studio unless pre-booked for a consultation/piercing appointment. 
  • Parental consent cannot be given for piercings where the minimum age requirement is 18 years old.
  • I will not pierce clients who are pregnant. It is typically safe to get pierced approximately 3 months post partum. Please see the Useful Reads section for more details.
  • Clients under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be booked in and asked to return at a later date.
  • A ten minute window is allowed for lateness. Any client who arrives more than ten minutes late to their appointment will lose their booking fee and be required to pay another booking fee to reschedule.
  • I allow up to 24 hours for cancellations/booking fees to be moved to a different appointment - any client who cancels with less than 24 hours notice or doesn't turn up to their appointment will lose their deposit and will have to pay another booking fee to re-book. 

  • You can re-book an appointment by following the link in the automated confirmation email you will have received when you booked your appointment. This can only be done up to 24 hours beforehand - after this the appointment must be cancelled, a new appointment booked and another booking fee paid; each client is entitled to one free re-schedule. 

  • If you have paid a deposit towards reserving jewellery for your appointment and you reschedule more than once, your deposit will be lost and any jewellery made available to the public again. 

Piercing Prices & Jewellery.

  • All bookings are subject to non refundable booking fees, which reserve your time in the studio.
  • Piercing appointments require a £10 deposit - £5 is taken off your piercing total and £5 is kept rolling to book check ups. 
  • Check Ups/Troubleshooting sessions/Consultations require a £5 booking fee - this goes towards the cost of PPE etc. used, but any jewellery purchased and fitting fees are charged separately.
  • Piercing prices include initial starter jewellery only – downsize bars are charged at £15 each with a £10 service fee.
  • All initial jewellery comes polished as standard (silver in colour), but anodising is available for all titanium and niobium jewellery for an extra £5.
    This can be requested in advance, or done on the day of your appointment.
  • Jewellery sourced from outside the studio will not be used for fresh piercings or installed into healed ones.
  • A 50% non refundable deposit is required for all bespoke orders.
  • The remaining 50% is payable within 7 days of Rae contacting you to inform you your order has arrived. 
    Delivery can take anywhere from 2-14 weeks, sometimes more depending on the manufacturer and piece, but you will be advised of this at the point of sale.
    I will discuss with you in detail, the options and terms of your order before a deposit is taken and invoice sent. 
    Please note: shipping times are only a rough estimate and may vary depending on the circumstances.
  • You are given a period of 7 days to pay your outstanding balance before pieces are made available to the public.
  • It is your responsibility to regularly check that your attachment(s) is/are screwed on tightly.
    Attachments/piercings that become loose/lost within the first seven days will be replaced free of charge, but after this period replacements must be purchased.
    The same applies to a new piercing when the entire piece of jewellery falls out within the first week – I will attempt to re-insert sterile jewellery but will offer a free re-pierce at a later date if I am unsuccessful, or think a reinsertion will cause unnecessary trauma.
    If jewellery falls out after this seven day window and is unable to be reinserted, the client will be expected to pay for a fully priced procedure once the area has fully healed.
  • All jewellery sale/deposits and piercing procedure fees are final and non refundable/transferable.
  • This is for health and hygiene reasons and does not effect your statutory rights.
  • In the case of faulty jewellery you must inform me as soon as possible and send the piece(s) back to me via recorded delivery, or bring it back to the studio in person.
  • You will have been advised if your piece is covered by a guarantee and each case will be treated individually as such. 
  • Jewellery will not be released/posted to a client before the balance has been paid in full. Payment plans are also available.
  • I cannot be held responsible if you choose to go against any aftercare recommendations or advice that I have given you, or if you miss your check up/downsize appointment and choose not to reschedule.
  • In the interests of hygiene and to ensure the safest environment possible I have adopted completely disposable piercing methods and equipment. This means that no contaminated jewellery or tools are reprocessed at all and everything is safely disposed of after use, through the correct channels, to ensure as little a footprint as possible.
    In instances where clients are booked in for procedures requiring the use of additional tools (e.g. ring opener pliers or hemostats) these are absorbed into the service fee; essentially meaning the client has purchased their own personal tool which can be used again (after being disinfected) at later appointments, without the need to purchase another. While it is completely safe to re-use the same tool on the same client without sterilising in between, it is not safe to do the same between clients.

Age Restrictions Explained.

  • I firmly believe that a child should be at an age where they can make the decision to be pierced completely independently, whilst also being able to understand the process, healing and aftercare fully.
    For this reason, the minimum age for ear lobe piercing procedures is 6 years old, depending parental consent and the result of a consultation session. 
    The minimum age for single helix and nostril piercings is 14 with parental consent or 16 with valid photo ID - please see Piercing For Minors for more information. 
  • I will not pierce anyone who they feel has been coerced, or gives any kind of signal that they would prefer not to be pierced.
    Consent can be given solely by the person booked for the procedure, regardless of if they have signed the consent form themselves, or if it has been signed by a parent. 
  • From the age of six the child has grown rough for their earlobes to support and heal healthy piercings, meaning that won’t migrate as they continue to grow.
  • Safety is paramount – Piercing guns are not used for any procedures at Ethereal Aesthetics. All piercings are performed with single use, sterile piercing blade or cannulated needles, one at a time. 
  • All tools/equipment/supplies are completely disposable and aseptic/no touch technique is employed equipment to minimise the risk of cross contamination found through reprocessing tools. 
  • The entire process is designed to be as safe and painless as possible – your child will always be the one in control and will never be made to feel rushed or forced into anything they don’t want to do.
  • All clients under 16 must book for a pre-procedure consultation to introduce, discuss procedure, jewellery and in the case of younger clients, develop an insight into your child’s understanding of expectations and aftercare.
  • Children under 14 will be booked after at least a 24 hours “cooling off” period to ensure your child is completely comfortable to go ahead with the procedure and also to give them a chance to revise aftercare.
  • There will be a second short, pre-procedure consultation to cover all bases and the procedure will be performed at the client’s pace – they dictate what happens with their body. 
  • Nostril and Helix, Conch & Flat from 14 years old on the basis the child displays clear understanding of aftercare and healing expectations after consultation session – single piercings with parental consent only. Once the first piercing has healed successfully, the second one can be scheduled.
  • Second lobes for younger clients based on anatomy check – cartilage begins in different locations depending on the person. If the area is “squishy”, pair can be pierced at the same time but if cartilage present, one piercing performed at a time. 
  • Older clients are able to get cartilage pierced on both sides, providing they understand and agree to follow the recommended aftercare advice given.
  • I will require a note from any minor (under 18)’s school, ensuring they will not be asked to remove jewellery for a minimum of one year to ensure the piercing is fully healed and to minimise the risk of infection/excess scarring through repeated removal/reinsertion. (Skin coloured attachments are available & glass retainers are available for healed piercings.
  • Second lobes for younger clients based on anatomy check – cartilage begins in different locations depending on the person. If the area is “squishy”, pair can be pierced at the same time but if cartilage present, one piercing performed at a time. 
  • Older clients are able to get cartilage pierced on both sides, providing they understand and agree to follow the recommended aftercare advice given.
  • Each client is booked for an initial check up appointment to assess healing, discuss experiences so far and to tweak aftercare if needed, then booked at regular intervals for downsize/check ups depending on the piercing.
  • Regular communication is encouraged, there are no stupid questions – I love update photos and being tagged in selfies!
  • Both parent and child will need to present valid, government issued photo I.D. when booking in for a procedure. Failure to produce these at Consultation appointments will result in the appointment being cancelled and rebooked for when ID can be provided. 
  • Consent cannot be given for a minor by anyone other than a parent/legal guardian.
    Other family members/family friends/notes from parents will not be accepted.
  • I reserve the right to politely ask you to return in a few months if they feel your child isn’t quite ready.
  • Nipples, Industrials, Septum, High Nostril surface piercing, cheeks, translobes and large gauge piercing are strictly 18+ with valid, government issued photo I.D.
    Parental consent cannot be given at this age.
  • Cartilage & Facial Piercing 16+ with valid, government issued photo I.D/parental consent.
  • In Wales there is currently only one law regarding ages of Consent relating to ‘Intimate” Piercing (tongue, nipple and genital.)
  • For more information on The Prescribed Objects for Intimate Piercing (Wales) Regulations 2019 go here.
  • My age restrictions are in place to ensure the safety and well being of each and every client, as well as being dictated by insurance providers. 

  • Upper ear/cartilage piercings can take anywhere from six months, maybe longer to heal completely, with nostril/facial piercings taking a minimum of three months.
    During this time, jewellery is not able to be removed for any period of time as the piercing is considered an open wound. To gain an infection all a client has to do is touch the area with unwashed hands and this is often a much more common problem with younger clients.
    Schools will more often have a problem with visible facial piercings and upper ear piercings, resulting in the piercing being removed before healed which can cause extreme scarring in some cases. This is also the reason why the age restriction for septum and high nostril piercing is 18 years old – as they are legally classed as an adult, they will not be asked to remove these piercings by any educational institutions they may attend.

    As a child does not finish developing until their late teens, it is found that lobes pierced at a younger age stretch as they grow causing uneven/migrated piercings, leaving a far from desirable result often before they reach adulthood.

    This is also a particular problem for navel piercings, which is why the minimum age requirement is 16 years old.