Your piercing price includes threadless/internally threaded premium ASTM-F136/ASTM-F-129 implant grade titanium jewellery, with a plain ball attachment from companies such as Neometal, People's Jewelry and Industrial Strength.
Each piece has been hand polished and carries a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's defects.
All titanium and niobium jewellery is also able to be anodised a range of different colours, including gold and rose gold, at no extra charge!

I also have a large range of implant grade titanium set Swaorovski, Natural Stone,
Fauxpal and solid 14/18k gold attachments/upgrade options available for fresh piercing and healed fittings, which can be viewed on the day of your appointment.
Upgrades start from as little as £5 each for basic shape attachments and £10 each for Swarovski/Fauxpal.

Please e-mail if you have a specific piece in mind, or you can book a Shopping Session to call in and view my current stock.


Ear Piercing:

Earlobe/Helix/Flat/Conch/Tragus/Forward Helix: from £40

 Earlobe/Helix Pair: from £65

Earlobe/Helix/Flat Triple: from £90

Rook/Daith/Industrial: from £55

Snug/Anti-Tragus: from £65 

Transverse Lobe: from £65

Facial Piercing:

Nostril/Lip: from £40 

Nostril/Lip Pair Pair: from £65

Vertical Lip: from £55

Bridge: from £55

Septum: from £55 

Body Piercing

Nipple Single: from £55

Nipple Pair: from £90

Navel: from £65

Jewellery Insertion/Removal:

Insertion/removal: £10 plus the cost of any jewellery purchased. 

Consultations/Troubleshooting sessions: £10

All appointments require a booking fee.

A £10 booking fee is taken for piercing appointments, £5 is taken off your total and £5 is kept rolling for check ups.

A £5 booking fee is taken for check ups/jewellery fitting sessions and will be taken off the service fee at your appointment - jewellery is charged for separately. 

A £10 booking fee is taken for consultations/troubleshooting sessions. This booking fee is then valid for seven days after the appointment and can be used to book a piercing/follow up appointment. 

Update 19/01/21: All services for clients aged under 16 have been suspended until further notice. This includes pre-piercing consultations. Any appointments/check ups currently booked will be honoured, but all new bookings will be 16+. 

Please note: I do not offer any form of tongue, single point or genital piercing.

Prices include initial jewellery only - downsize jewellery is charged for separately at check up appointments.

Each piercing is performed using a completely disposable, sterile single use set up and aseptic techniques. I'm proud to work above and beyond council bylaws and recommendations to ensure the safest, most hygienic procedure possible.

To book an appointment, go here.

For information on age restrictions, go here.

For an example of my piercing set up see The Procedure Room.