Piercing prices include your piercing procedure, ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium jewellery with a plain ball attachment & an aftercare pack containing sterile gauze packets for cleaning. All titanium and niobium jewellery is also able to be anodised a range of different colours for no extra charge!


Each piercing is performed using a completely sterile set up and aseptic techniques. I'm proud to work above and beyond council bylaws and recommendations to ensure the safest, most hygienic procedure possible.

I also have a selection of branded titanium & solid gold jewellery suitable for initial piercings & healed fittings, which are priced differently. In stock items are able to be reserved for pick-up/fitting at the studio or custom orders are always welcome if you have a particular piece in mind. See Jewellery for examples!

Ear Piercing:

Earlobe/Helix/Cartilage Single: from £35 

Earlobe/Helix/Cartilage Pair: from £60

Earlobe/Helix/Cartilage Triple: from £85

Daith: from £45

Industrial & Translobe: from £40 

Facial Piercing:

Nostril/Eyebrow/Lip: from £35 (Lip piercing currently unavailable)

Vertical Lip/Smilie: from £40 (currently unavailable)

Septum/Bridge/High Nostril/Cheek/Dahlia: from £45 (currently unavailable)

Body & Surface Bar Piercing:

Nipple Single: from £45

Nipple Pair: from £65

Navel: from £45

Surface Piercing: from £55 (currently unavailable)

Jewellery Insertion/Removal:

Insertion/removal: £10 plus the cost of any jewellery purchased. 

Consultations/Troubleshooting sessions: £5
Kid's Consultation: £5 (please see below for more details.)

All appointments require a booking fee.

A £10 booking fee is taken for piercing appointments.

£5 is taken off your total and £5 is kept rolling for check ups.

£5 booking fees for consultation/troubleshooting/jewellery fitting sessions will be taken off the service fee at your appointment - jewellery is charged for separately. 

£5 booking fees for Kid's Consultations reserve your time in the studio, but there will be a £5 charge on the day, to cover the cost of materials and equipment used. This £10 will be rolled over and used as a booking fee if a piercing appointment is booked for your child. Please see Piercing For Minors for more information.

Update 19/01/21: All services for clients aged under 16 have been suspended until further notice. This includes pre-piercing consultations. Any appointments/check ups currently booked will be honoured, but all new bookings will be 16+. 

Please note: I do not offer any form of tongue, single point or intimate piercing.

Prices include initial jewellery only - downsize jewellery is charged for separately at check up appointments.

For information on age restrictions, go here.

 Example Piercing Price Breakdown:

Single Helix/Lobe: Industrial Strength Labret Post £15 + £15 piercing fee + £5 basic attachment = £35 

£5 charge for multiple piercings + £15 labret post + £5 basic attachment + £35 first piercing = £60 

Daith Piercing: Industrial Strength BCR ring £25 + £15 piercing fee = £40 

For an example of my piercing set up see The Procedure Room.