"Went to see Rae based on a colleagues recommendation which I am now so thankful for. As a sufferer of anxiety and OCD, right from the first contact with Rae over Facebook she made me feel so comfortable and at ease – even with two needles through my lip and her mm’s away from my face at my first trip there!"

"Rae’ s room at Physical Graffiti has a feeling of safeness for me, I’ve been there twice now and it’s lovely and sterile whilst also having personality, with her walls adorned with pics of previous piercings, certificates and of course the mermaid logos and funky stickers! Very easy to build a great rapport with beautiful Rae, looking forward to my next session!"

"Had all my piercings done with Rae. She is calming and helpful as I’m a big wuss! All piercings have healed really well too! definitely recommend her to anyone"

"I’ve been pierced by a few people but can hands down say that Rae is by far the most wonderful, calming, bubbly piercer I’ve ever dealt with! I contacted her about getting a venom piercing and she took the time to explain the different jewellery options I had, helping me to chose two super pretty moonstone attachments. On the day she took the time to properly look at my tongue and vein placements, deciding it wouldn’t be safe to do the piercing on me. However she still talked me through other options and found a way for me to still have my double tongue piercing! During the piercing itself I was put at ease instantly by her bubbly personality and lovely, cleanly room. It all went perfectly (though my tongue did decide to bleed more than I’d expected!) but Rae was at hand with plenty of water and a mirror to show me my lovely new piercing. We weren’t quite happy with the placement of the second piercing so Rae re did it for me the following week, no fuss and completely free of charge. I’ve never experienced such amazing customer service before! She works with the customer so closely to make sure they’re completely happy with everything from the jewellery to placement, even to the aftercare. I’m so happy with my piercings that I’ve already booked myself in for two more with her! Highly, highly recommend!"

"Hello everyone, I’m back again and would like to update my review on Rae’s professionalism. I got my venom pierced on the 23rd of September, my transverse lobes done on the 17th of October, and also re-pierced my conch and a third forward helix on the 27th of October to take advantage of the Halloween offer. I have since been in touch with Rae for my venom piercing and literally about half an hour ago I had a mini panic attack about my venom piercing. Afterwards, I felt a bit guilty as I was afraid that I might have ruined her early morning weekend with my mini panic attack… But Rae was so kind and very reassuring that it was not a problem and that everything will be fine. This is my first time ever to have met a piercer who really cares about her customers well being, and also my first time of getting more than 3 piercings with the same piercer as previous piercers that I had was not as kind, and friendly as Rae. She would always email/dm you back a few weeks after just to check if everything is going well with your piercings. If you have any questions regarding any piercings, even if you think your questions might be stupid then don’t worry, as she will always answer them and will educate you through it with no judgements. I am extremely happy and delighted for making the right decision of getting my first venom piercing ever from Rae. Because of Rae’s passion for her job, and her excellent treatment towards her customers, I have booked more piercings from her. Thank you so much Rae, I wish you all the best in the piercing industry!  xxxx"

"I’ve had several piercings from other people but I wouldn’t consider going to anybody else now that I’ve visited Rae. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is really quick at replying to questions and I immediately felt in safe hands. Rae really takes the time to put you at ease and you can tell how passionate she is about piercing safety"

"I went to see Rae this Saturday just gone for my first piercing with her. I’ve been pierced many times by several other people but Rae is in a league of her own! She took the time to reassure me as I was quite anxious, which is more than I can say for others I’ve been to in the past. She has the time for you even after you leave, providing you with a phone number and letting you know you can message her (as well as check her website) for any questions you have during the healing period. What I loved about getting my new piercing is that she could order me some super pretty ends for the bar, which gives the new piercing some personality. I can’t stop looking at how cute it is!  Rae is super friendly and makes you feel less of a client and more of a friend, I’d recommend her to anyone."

"Had some piercings today by Rae. I’ve been pierced probably 25x or more. Rae is definitely one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, relaxing piercers I’ve ever had. Thanks Rae, I’ll definitely be back for more."

"She’s so bubbly and instantly puts you at ease. She’s clear and talks you through everything step by step. Highly recommend and if I’m brave enough for another piercing will definitely come back to Rae! The aftercare is amazing. She’s happy to answer questions and give advice even days after piercing is done!!!”

"Rae is a fantastic piercer and so pleased to see her in a such a good studio as Physical Graffiti. She is always professional, highly knowledgable and brilliant at her job."

"The selection of jewellery is brilliant. I would recommend her to anyone as she is always happy to answer any questions, give advice and the aftercare is perfect. I couldn’t feel any more confident in having piercings with her."