The Procedure Room & Piercing Set Up

The procedure room at Two Rivers Tattoo has been built with safety and hygiene in mind. 

All equipment/tools are sterile, single use and all jewellery is meticulously inspected before multi stage processing and sterilisation, which is done on site in my brand new medical grade steriliser - The Enibo.

The room is deep cleaned weekly, with cleans in the morning and and evening, with high risk areas (couch, door handles etc.) cleaned between clients - cleaning sheets, sterilising records and jewellery mill certificates are available to view upon request. 

My Enbio steriliser, steamer and anodiser - used to process/clean and sterilise your jewellery before every piercing or jewellery insertion. 
Jewellery is sourced from only the best suppliers in the world - most is imported from the US or through UK distributors for US companies. These include, but are not limited to; Anatometal, Bhudda Jewelry Organics, Bodygems, Body Vision Los Angeles, LeRoi Fine Jewelry, Industrial Strength, SOFine Jewelry & Zadamer.
The "basic" jewellery included in your piercing prices include labret posts/ball closure rings/barbell stems from Industrial Strength, with unbranded plain ball or disk attachments. 
There is a selection of genuine Swarovski Zirconia, natural gemstone or lab grown opal attachment, set in hand-polidshed implant grade titanium or solid 14/18k gold available to pick from, along with ring & clicker options - all are suitable for fresh piercing or healed fittings and cover a lifetime guarantee against defects! 
The selection available in the cabinet is only an example of the jewellery available and there are many more styles available to custom order - get in touch for more information or if you have a specific piece in mind!

Example Set Up for Piercing Procedure

Helix Piercing:

What you can see:
Sterile Nitrile Gloves, Sterile Marker (one use), alcohol swabs - for first prep (cleaning debris from the area) and marking the position of where your piercing will be.
Sterile Iodine Swab - second prep (disinfects your skin) 
Sterile Patient Pack - this is the sterile field that I work from and also contains sterile gloves and gauze for making sterile fields on the area of the body I'm working on and also to clean up/dry the piercing afterwards.
Sterile Saline Wipes - for cleaning/soothing the piercing afterwards.
Sterile Piercing Blade - one per piercing, per client. Disposed of immediately after use. 
Sterile Piercing Blanks/Snips - used for smoothly transferring your threadless jewellery.
Sterile Lubricant - used to coat your needle and transfer tool for an even more comfortable experience. 
Sterilisation pouches - all individually dated and checked every three months.

Add extra skin prep, sterile gloves, needles, blanks etc. for multiple piercings!

What you can't see:
Exam gloves - roughly 5-6+ pairs are used from the start to the end of your appointment, plus extra pairs for cleaning/disinfecting and jewellery processing. 
Sani-wipes - used for cleaning low risk areas (work surfaces/paper dispensers etc.)
Optim wipes - for high risk areas (couch/trolley/sink/visor/hand sanitiser units etc.)
Masks/Aprons/Visor - to keep myself and you safe. 
NeilMed Piercing Aftercare - what I recommend to clean your piercing with and what I use to clean up afterwards too!
Jewellery - I keep many different styles of jewellery in stock, suitable for fresh piercing and healed upgrades. Each piece is verified implant grade titanium or solid 14/18k gold and sourced from manufacturers such as Industrial Strength, Anatometal, BVLA, Junipurr and many others. 
Helix Test - a test to ensure my steriliser is working correctly. Performed every morning and my steriliser has an internal log for every load. 

Safety is always paramount!