What is a Consultation?

A consultation is a service offered at Ethereal Aesthetics to give you the opportunity to meet your piercer Rae and also to discuss every aspect of your planned procedure – from jewellery options, to placement, healing expectations and aftercare recommendations.This is your opportunity to ask and questions you may have, including any concerns or requests for specific jewellery.
This session can either be on the day of your procedure, or in advance – clients with specific jewellery requests may be booked for a later date.

These are mandatory for clients ages 6-12 for lobe piercing and clients aged 14 and 15 for helix, conch and flat piercings. Please e-mail me with any questions at etherealaesthetics@outlook.com. 

Consultations are also available for clients unsure on what they want to get pierced or if their anatomy is suitable, along with styling sessions for planning curations/arrangements and Troubleshooting sessions for unhappy piercings.