What is Downsizing?

Downsizing involves removing the original jewellery that you were pierced with and replacing it with posts that are shorter in length, or a ring that's smaller in diameter, depending on the piercing. You are able to keep your original attachments, or switch them out for different ones depending on what you're original aesthetic aims were!

This usually happens between 4 and 6 weeks for lobe and cartilage piercings, and at around 6 months for slower healing piercings like daith, industrials and navels.

Your original jewellery will have been fitted to allow for expected swelling and drainage during the healing process and once the swelling has dissipated, the jewellery is left free to move around and is more easily caught by hair and clothing.

This movement can lead to irritation lumps or migration, through regular snagging or being slept on. 

Downsizing pays an integral part of your piercing healing and encouraging that it stays happy and healthy - it is a lot more difficult to heal a piercing with irritation lumps (which can evolve into scarring if not treated quickly enough.)

Piercings may require multiple downsize or upsizes over the healing process, depending on the client and this is something to consider before booking in for a piercing.

Over swelling is a common issue seen in piercing, especially in the hotter months, or if the piercing is knocked or slept on. I aim to accommodate all emergencies as best as possible, but if you choose to go against my recommendations or decline to come back to the studio for an in person consultation or to have longer jewellery fitted by myself, I can no longer accept responsibility for the piercing or the outcome. This especially applies if you choose to switch out your jewellery yourself, or have it done by another piercer.

All jewellery used at Ethereal Aesthetics has been verified safe for human implant, has undergone multi stage cleaning before sterilisation and is installed using a completely disposable, sterile set up and aseptic technique.

This is to ensure there is zero chance of infection/bacteria transmission during any piercing prodecures and jewellery installations - sterilisation records are available to view upon request. 

I encourage every client to book their check up at their piercing procedure, to ensure any issues are caught early on and to downsize the jewellery appropriately but I cannot be held responsible if you choose not to book this check up at a later date.

Whilst I would love to be able to remind each of you myself, with the number of you that there are now, realistically this is impossible and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your piercing heals successfully - I can only provide you with the information you need and provide assistance when you need it! 

I enjoy healing process updates and getting tagged in your selfies - I want every client to feel comfortable contacting me if they need to ask a question or aren't sure if something is wrong with their piercing, but please remember that it's just me running this business and I have to set boundaries are far as working hours go and trying to have somewhat of a personal life! Of course, if it's a true emergency I'll always do my best to help, but if it's a question that's answered on my FAQ or website, the answer might be a little delayed!

Remember, it is vital that you always wear high quality, appropriately fitted implant grade titanium, niobium or solid 14k/18k jewellery in your piercings and follow the recommended aftercare, to minimise the risk of complications and to keep your piercing happy and healthy!

I'm always happy to help troubleshoot problematic piercings, whether pierced by myself or not - get in touch via etherealaesthetics@outlook.com or book  troubleshooting session via my Setmore