What is Sterile Wound Wash?

This saline differs from other types of saline & homemade salt solutions.
It is made from a pharmaceutical (USP grade) water and 0.9% w/v NaCi (USP Grade salt.)
Saline wound wash is sometimes referred to as Isotonic Saline Solution as the salt concentration and pH is similar to that found in human tears, blood and other bodily fluids.
The mixture is gentle enough so that is doesn’t burn, sting or cause damage when applied to a puncture wound.
Sterile saline solution is packaged in a sterile aerosol can for easy use and storage. The extra packaging is important as it enables the solution to remain sterile (free from bacteria) for the entire time that you have it.
It should be noted that eye/contact lens & nasal saline should not be used as they usually are sold in resealable packaging that can collect dust and bacteria once the seal is broken. They also contain additives and preservatives that can be harmful to a fresh or healing piercing.
Sterile wound wash saline will only ever contain two ingredients – it is drug and preservative free & the best choice for your aftercare routine.