Why Not Use Homemade Salt Solutions?

Thousands of online references state how easy and cheap it is to mix your own saline at home – this usually includes the use of simple table/rock salt and distilled water.
Basically salt is for food, not for piercings.
This salt is made by allowing portions of salt mounds in salt flats to dry, meaning that this salt is exposed to the elements including bugs, bacteria and wildlife.
Animals are able to walk over, eat and even poop on this salt as it dries.
Of course this salt is processed and cleaned before it is deemed fit for human consumption, but as for all food products there is a certain level of acceptable bacteria/contaminates allowed to remain after the cleaning process.
The Food Safety Act 1990 outlines Food Defect Action Levels and states the breakdowns of each contaminate and how much of each is allowed to be left in substances we consume, including rat hairs/droppings and insects. This includes the salt that you use for your saline solution.

Mixing your own saline at home leaves room for many other types of contamination too.
If the bowl you are using hasn’t been cleaned properly or still has traces of soap present, these contaminates are now part of the mixture you plan to clean your piercing with.
Smoke, pet hair, perfume and anything else in the environment’s atmosphere is able to contaminate your mixture, making it far from sterile.

If you pre-mix your solution in bulk there is a greater risk of contamination over time during storage as resealable containers do not protect the saline or keep it sterile.
This is also why I do not recommend cleaning with any premixed solutions provided by Claire’s or Studex etc.

There will never be any guarantee that you are mixing your saline to the right pH levels so that it can be effective in cleaning your piercing, as opposed to harmful.
Plus, there is also no guarantee that the pH levels will remain the same over time as water evaporates when stored.

More often than not, home made saline solutions are to harsh and drying which can cause a number of complications during the healing process including irritation lumps and migration/rejection.

Stick to sterile saline aftercare like Neilmed or Stericlens! I have stock at the studio available to purchase, get in touch if you need some!