Booking In

Please ensure you are familiar with my Prices and Age Restrictions / Policies and read the instructions below carefully before booking your appointment. A link to my scheduling app can be found at the bottom of this page. If you’re unsure on what service to schedule, e-mail with any questions!

Step 1
Decide on how much time you’ll need:

– Piercing (single/paired/triple) or Jewellery Fitting/Removal or Downsize(s): as listed on Setmore

– Add extra time to your appointment to chat about future piercings/anatomy check/jewellery plans: your desired service + Consultation Add-On (only needed if your first service is under 1hr.)

-Want to see if you’re suited to a piercing/jewellery idea?: Anatomy Check

Just Time to Talk (piercing or jewellery related): Consultation.

– Multiple Piercing Placements (more than one, max of three): as listed on setmore (if placement not already listed as a pair) e.g for a pair of Lobes and a Helix, select this option.

– Multiple Piercings/Jewellery Fittings/Time to Talk about future piercing or jewellery ideas: Styling/Curation Session (no extra services need to be booked with this session.)

– Having trouble with a healing piercing?: Troubleshooting Session

– Time to browse jewellery/voucher or jewellery pick up: Shopping Session

New: Get Pierced with a Pal (or family member!): This two hour slot allows time for up to two piercings for two people aged 16+. Provide the full name, date of birth and desired placements of both attendees in the appointment notes and please do not bring anyone else along, as they will be asked to wait outside! Shorter appointments like anatomy checks can also be combined into this appointment, so no other services need to be booked alongside.

Please note: Piercing Appointments allow time for anatomy checks and jewellery browsing/styling, so separate Anatomy Check/Consultation slots do not need to be booked in conjunction with your piercing service. Some placements require very specific anatomy and/or can be tricky to heal, so it’s advised on these services’ descriptions wether it’s suggested to book a separate Anatomy Check or Consultation first. If you would rather not do this, you can go ahead and schedule a piercing appointment, but it’s worth having a back-up placement in mind or I’m always happy to suggest alternatives!

Step 2
Read the information provided below and make sure you’re familiar with my age restrictions/policies before scheduling an appointment.

Step 3
Pick your time slot (ignore Setmore when it asks you to book another slot, unless this is a Consultation Add-On.)

Step 4
Enter your FULL name, DOB and ACTIVE email and ensure these details are correct. If booking for someone else use THEIR details and email address – please fill these details in manually and don’t use your Google Account/Autofill.
Use the comments section to let me know what appointments like Consultations and Troubleshooting sessions are for, or desired placements for Multiple Piercing services.
Be sure to select the ‘send me a reminder email’ option!

Step 5
Pay your booking fee. This will be subtracted from your total on the day, as explained below.
You will receive a confirmation email (which may end up in junk/spam) – be sure to keep this safe as you’ll need it if you need to reschedule!

Step 6
Get excited for your appointment, you’ll be visiting Cardiff’s only private, dedicated piercing studio real soon!

  • The prices displayed on my scheduling app are booking fees only and are only refundable in instances of unsuited anatomy where no alternative can be offered.
  • At piercing appointments £5 of your booking fee is taken off your total and the other £5 is used to book your check up appointment. This booking fee is then taken off your total at your check up appointment. Any further check-up/downsize/jewellery fitting appointments can then be booked through the website.
  • Booking fees for Jewellery Fittings are also taken off your total on the day. 
  • Booking Fees for Consultations/Troubleshooting sessions reserve your time in the studio and contribute towards supply/PPE costs but are also taken off any service fees/jewellery purchases.
  • Piercing appointments allow for enough time for a consultation and anatomy check, time to browse my jewellery and fill in your consent form plus time for the actual piercing(s) – there is no need to book a separate consultation/anatomy check for the piercing you’ve booked in for (unless specified in the service description but these should be booked prior to and not in conjunction with a piercing appointment.)
  • You can use the “Consultation Add On” service to add a little more time if you’d like a chat about future piercing/jewellery plans.
  • Example: if you’d like Septum piercing but also a little extra time to switch out jewellery in existing piercings, book the Septum piercing slot, plus the “Consultation Add On” service (not the Styling Curation Session – this is for clients wanting at least two new piercings and a couple of jewellery changes.)
  • Use the “Multiple Piercing Placements” if you wish to get more than one service in the same sitting, but I won’t pierce more than three at the same time depending on placement. Paired piercings and Industrial/Orbital count as two separate piercings. This service allocates over an hour in the studio, so if you are looking for example two piercings and a jewellery fitting you can also use this service and don’t need to use an extra “Consultation Add On” slot.
  • Do not book multiple separate piercing slots for the same sitting as this allocates way more time than needed  – paired/triple piercings have their own service slots and any extra piercings/jewellery fittings should be booked using the “Consultation Add On” or “Multiple Piercing Placements” Services.
  • If you are unsure of what to book, please email me first.
  • If you make a mistake with a booking, do not cancel the appointment and schedule another as Setmore doesn’t automatically refund booking fees and it will take another one. Either use the confirmation email you will have received to ammend the appointment, or pop me an email so I can edit it from my side.
  • Each client must be booked for their own appointment slot(s) – don’t book a single slot/multiple services under your name to share with someone else, or bring someone in the hopes I can “fit them in.”
  • Clients are welcome to bring one friend/family member aged 16+ along to their appointment, unless booked in together.
  • Please bring your ID to every appointment!
  • When making a booking use your FULL name and use an active email, as this is only method of contact.
  • If making a booking for someone else, use THEIR name, date of birth and contact email so they receive the confirmation email containing the booking terms and so they can reschedule the appointment themselves if needs be.  
  • Do not book more than three placements in a single sitting as this will overwhelm your immune system. If you’re looking to achieve a certain look, let me know at your pre-piercing consultation and I’ll be more than happy to help you can and achieve your goal safely!
  • Please do not arrive early to your appointment – you may be interrupting another client’s appointment and there is no inside waiting area!
  • Ensure you have allocated enough time for your procedure and also to get to your appointment – procedure times can be found on my scheduling app.
  • You can pay via card/phone payment e.g Apple Pay. Please avoid bringing cash if it can be helped. 
  • Basically all piercings are anatomy dependant to a degree, but some piercings require super specific anatomy to be able to heal successfully.
  • Piercings such as Navel, Industrial, Daith, Tragus and Forward Helix are heavily anatomy dependent and require specific aftercare, so I would prefer that a separate Anatomy Check was booked first. 
  • If you would rather not book an Anatomy Check and go ahead with booking your piercing, it’s advisable to have a back up placement in mind in case your anatomy isn’t suited to your original idea – though I am always happy to suggest alternative placements!
  • In cases where a client’s anatomy isn’t suited to their original placement idea, alternatives can be suggested or a refund of the booking fee made.
  • I allow up to 24 hours for cancellations/booking fees to be moved to a different appointment – any client who cancels with less than 24 hours notice or doesn’t turn up to their appointment will lose their deposit and will have to pay another booking fee to re-book. 
  • A ten minute window is allowed for lateness – if you arrive after this, you will be required to pay to re-book. Five minutes is allowed for appointments half an hour long and under.
  • You can re-schedule an appointment by following the link in the automated confirmation email you will have received when you booked your appointment, so don’t delete this e-mail and ensure your address is active/correct!
  • You can re-schedule up to 24 hours beforehand – after this the appointment must be cancelled, a new appointment booked and another booking fee paid; each client is entitled to one free re-schedule. 
  • Sunday Club is by email appointment only, on the last Sunday of every month.
  • Late night appointments are also available – get in touch via email for availability. 
  • Clients are required to eat a minimum of two hours before a piercing procedure – this is for both yours and my safety.
  • Clients who haven’t eaten will be asked to leave to get something, which may result in your appointment having to be rescheduled.

    If that makes sense, click here to make your appointment or e-mail with any questions!