Prices and Age Restrictions

Your piercing price includes threadless/internally threaded, ASTM-F136/ASTM-F-129 implant grade titanium or Niobium jewellery, with a plain ball attachment from UKAPP verified suppliers such as Neometal, People’s Jewelry and Industrial Strength.

Each piece has been hand polished to a mirror finish and carries a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.
All titanium and niobium jewellery is also able to be anodised a range of different colours, including gold and rose gold for just £3!

(Blackened niobium not included)

I also have a large range of implant grade titanium set Swaorovski, Natural Stone, Fauxpal and solid 14/18k gold attachments/upgrade options available for fresh piercing and healed fittings from companies such as Junipurr, Anatometal, BVLA and Buddha Jewelry Organics, plus many more!

Basic implant grade titanium upgrades start from as little as £5 for shaped attachments and £20 each for Swarovski/Fauxpal.

Solid gold pieces start from as little as £75 and can range into hundreds of pounds, depending on the style and stones used, so it’s useful to have a realistic budget in mind when shopping for gold!

Be sure to let me know on the day of your appointment if you have a specific budget, or particular piece in mind!

I’m always more than happy to custom order pieces, but wait times vary dramatically from a few weeks to the best part of a year depending on the company (quality takes time!) so if you’re looking to be pierced with a particular piece, be sure to let me know so we can get it ordered and schedule your appointment accordingly!
Please e-mail any questions or custom jewellery requests to


Ear Piercing

Earlobe/Helix/Flat/Conch/Tragus/Forward Helix: from £40

Earlobe/Helix Pair: from £65, second pair from £70

Earlobe/Helix/Flat Triple: from £90 (in the same ear)

Rook/Daith/Industrial: from £55

Snug/Anti-Tragus: from £65

Transverse Lobe: from £65

Facial Piercing

Nostril/High Nostril/Lip: from £40

Nostril/High Nostril/Lip Pair: from £65

Vertical/Inverse Lip: from £55

Bridge: from £55

Eyebrow: from £55

Septum: from £55

Body Piercing

Nipple Single: from £55

Nipple Pair: from £90

Navel: from £65

Jewellery Insertion/Removal

Insertion/removal: £10 plus the cost of any jewellery purchased.

Troubleshooting/Consultations: Free

Downsizing: Free for piercings performed at EAPB (jewellery not included) or £10 plus the cost of any jewellery purchased for piercings done elsewhere.

Anodising: £3

All appointments require an appointment and booking fee – prices shown are with the relevant amounts taken from the totals, as explained in Booking In.

Please note: I do not offer any form of tongue, surface/single point or genital piercing.

Prices include initial jewellery only – downsize jewellery and services fees are charged for separately at check up appointments.

Age Restrictions

Valid, government issued, photo ID/Citizen Card is required before each procedure/consultation

Ear Lobe Piercing

  • From 16+ until further notice.

Ear Piercing

  • Helix/Flat: from 16+ with ID.
  • Earlobe Stack: 16+ with ID
  • Paired/Triple Helix/Conch: 16+ with ID
  • Conch: 16+ with ID
  • Tragus: 16+ with ID
  • Forward Helix: 16+ with ID
  • Rook/Faux Rook: 16+ with ID
  • Vertical Helix: 16+ with ID
  • Faux Snug (Conch and Helix): 16+ with ID
  • Daith: 18+ with ID
  • Industrial: 18+ with ID
  • Snug/Anti-Tragus: 18+ with ID
  • Transverse Lobe: 18+ with ID
  • Orbital (two piercings joined with a ring/circular barbell): 18+ with ID

Facial Piercing

  • Nostril: 16+ with ID
  • Lip (Upper/Lower/Single Vertical): 18+ with ID
  • Paired Vertical (Upper/Lower) 18+ with ID
  • Eyebrow: 16+ with ID
  • Septum: 18+ with ID
  • Bridge: 18+ with ID

Body Piercing

  • Navel: 18+ with ID
  • Nipple: 18+ with ID

All age restrictions are not negotiable.

Parental consent cannot be given for piercings where the minimum age requirement is 16/18 years old.

I do not offer any tongue, genital, surface or microdermal piercing/fitting/removal services.

I do not pierce with or install jewellery not sourced by myself.

To schedule an appointment see Booking In or if you have any questions, email them to