• The studio is fully private, appointment only and doesn’t accept walk-ins of any kind.
  • Every appointment requires a booking fee to reserve your time in the studio and contribute to PPE/supply costs.
  • Booking fees are non refundable and transferable up to 24 hours before your appointment
  • These are taken off your total at your appointment, with a portion being used to book your check up at piercing appointments.
  • A £10 booking fee is taken for piercing appointments, £5 is taken off your total and £5 is taken off the total at your check up.
  • A £5 booking fee is taken for consultation/check ups/jewellery fitting sessions and will be taken off the service fee at your appointment if applicable – jewellery is charged for separately.
  • A £5 booking fee is taken for troubleshooting sessions, but there is no extra charge for this service on the day.
  • A £5 booking fee is taken for Anatomy Check sessions, but there is no extra charge for this service on the day – this can be taken off any future piercing appointment totals.
  • Valid, government issued photo ID/Citizen Card is required prior to each procedure.
  • Under 18s are not permitted in the studio unless pre-booked for a consultation/piercing appointment.
  • Parental consent cannot be given for piercings where the minimum age requirement is 18 years old.
  • I will not pierce clients who are pregnant. It is typically safe to get pierced approximately 3 months post partum.
  • Clients under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be booked in and asked to return at a later date.
  • A five minute window is allowed for lateness.
  • Each client must be booked for their own slot(s) using their full name, date of birth and contact e-mail – please do not book multiple slots for multiple people and if booking for someone else, use their details and contact e-mail.
  • Any client who fails to meet the requirements above will be asked to reschedule and required to pay another booking fee.
  • You can re-schedule an appointment by following the link in the automated confirmation email you will have received when you booked your appointment.
  • This can only be done up to 24 hours beforehand – after this the appointment must be cancelled by myself, a new appointment booked and another booking fee paid. 
  • Each client is entitled to one free re-schedule.


  • I will not pierce with or install jewellery not sourced by myself to guarantee the source of, quality and integrity of the materials, for them to qualify for my suppliers’ guarantee against defects and to ensure the piece fits perfectly to your anatomy/the area it’s planned for.
  • This is also a restriction of my insurance so there are zero exceptions.
  • All pieces stocked are covered by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects but this does not cover loss or mis-use.
  • All parts must be returned to me in person or via recorded post and you may be liable for any postage costs incurred to return it to the manufacturer.
  • Piercing prices include initial jewellery only – any downsize posts/further jewellery purchases and service fees are charged for separately at check-up appointments.
  • All jewellery sales are final and non-refundable/exchangable for hygiene reasons.
  • All deposits for custom jewellery orders are non refundable and the other half of your payment is due when your item(s) arrive.
  • A 50% non refundable deposit is required to submit your order.
  • Failure to pay your balance within 14 days of being contacted, will result in your items being made available to the public – please get in touch if you need to arrange a payment plan!
  • It is your responsibility to check your attachment/jewellery is secure periodically – if a piece becomes loose/lost within the first 48 hours, I’ll replace this free of charge. After this, a replacement must be purchased so be sure to look after your jewellery!


  • Clients are welcome to book back to back appointments/bring one extra family member or friend along to their appointment, though I would appreciate notice in advance!
  • Back to back appointments can be booked with friends/family members, but I can only fit two people in the studio at a time so anyone else will need to wait outside!
  • Group bookings are also welcomed, but need to be arranged via e-mail and booked by myself.
  • Masks are no longer a requirement but feel free to wear one if you feel more comfortable, I do have to get up close and personal whilst piercing you! I was wearing them pre-Covid times and will likely do this for a lot of procedures, but the studio is well ventilated and has a HEPA filter too!
  • Please eat something a minimum of two hours before your appointment to ensure your blood sugars are nice and high! I also try to have refreshments available at the studio, but you’re welcome to bring a bottled drink along.
  • The studio is in a gated area of Meanwhile House, which isn’t accessible to the public – when you arrive to your appointment, please just wait near the far end of the shipping containers or the main building and I’ll be out to collect you as soon as I can, if I’m not there waiting already! (If someone offers to let you through the gate, please just politely decline!) See Location for directions!
  • All piercing procedures/service fees/jewellery sales are final and non refundable.

Age Restrictions

  • My ages of consent can be found here.
  • I will not pierce anyone who they feel has been coerced, or gives any kind of signal that they would prefer not to be pierced.
  • Consent can be given solely by the person booked for the procedure.
  • In Wales there is currently only one law regarding ages of Consent relating to ‘Intimate” Piercing (tongue, nipple and genital.)For more information on The Prescribed Objects for Intimate Piercing (Wales) Regulations 2019 go here.
  • My age restrictions are in place to ensure the safety and well being of myself and each and every client, as well as being dictated by insurance providers.
  • All age restrictions/policies/prices are not negotiable.

Covid-19: Keeping You Safe

Whilst restrictions may have been lifted worldwide, Covid and contracting it is still very real which is why the studio is operated in a certain way.

  • Social Distancing – The studio is on the small side, which is why it’s asked that you bring only one person along to your appointment but it is preferred that you attend alone. Because of the close contact nature of piercing it isn’t possible to socially distance at all times, but this is done where possible though it is worth noting that the studio only measures 4.3m x 3m in total.
  • Handwashing – Handwashing/hand rub and regular glove changes are employed before, during and after procedures to eliminate cross contamination. You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival to the studio and again before entering the piercing room.
  • PPE – Whilst it is no longer a legal requirement to wear masks, you are more than welcome to wear one if it makes you feel more comfortable! I was employing Universal Precautions and using Type IIR masks during appointments for a long while before Covid was around and will continue to do so. Disposable masks and aprons are used and changed between clients, as well as completely disposable piercing tools/set up being used too. Disposable exam gloves are used for cleaning/skin preparation and switched out appropriately, with sterile gloves being used for all piercing procedures and jewellery fittings.
  • Cleaning – The studio is deep cleaned every Monday followed by daily morning and evening clean the rest of the week, with high risk areas like the piercing couch, counter top, door handles etc. being cleaned between clients
  • Covid Testing – Whilst no longer a requirement these are always greatly appreciated prior to your appointment, especially for any placements in the mouth or nose – you can email your negative test result to etherealaesthetics@outlook.com. As with any illness, please get in touch to reschedule if you’re feeling unwell and avoid coming to the studio if you’re sick. I test weekly on a Monday evening and will contact clients to reschedule via email if needed.
  • Ventilation- The studio is well ventilated and also has a HEPA filter in the piercing room.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to etherealaesthetics@outlook.com!